Serrano Ham With Bone 7.280 kg



Introducing our whole Serrano Ham with bone - a true culinary masterpiece from Spain. This product provides an authentic taste of Spanish tradition and craftsmanship right in your kitchen.

This Serrano Ham is prepared following time-honored techniques, ensuring a slow, natural curing process that intensifies the flavor and preserves the tender, succulent texture of the ham. The bone, an essential part of this gourmet product, infuses the ham with extra richness, yielding a deeper and more nuanced flavor profile.

Perfect for enthusiasts who enjoy the ritual of carving, this Serrano Ham is a spectacular showpiece for special events and gourmet gatherings. It transforms any meal into a Spanish culinary experience and leaves a lasting impression on your guests.

Please remember: For optimal freshness, this product should be stored in a cool, dry place. When serving, carve thin slices and allow the ham to reach room temperature to fully appreciate its exceptional flavor

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