Valor Dipping Chocolate for Churros 500 g



Valor Valorcao A La Taza Dipping Chocolate is a premium quality, Spanish-made chocolate product that is perfect for those who appreciate the rich and complex flavor of high-quality cocoa. This 500g package contains finely ground chocolate that is specifically formulated for use in hot chocolate, making it the ideal product for those who enjoy a warm, comforting drink on a chilly evening.

Valor, the brand behind Valorcao A La Taza, is a well-known and respected chocolatier with a long history of producing high-quality chocolate products. They have been operating in Spain since 1881 and have a reputation for using only the finest ingredients and traditional manufacturing methods to create their chocolates.

  • Powdered hot chocolate mix
  • Spain's favourite thick and creamy drinking chocolate
  • Great for dipping churros, cookies, and other pastries