White Meat Tuna"Bonito" in Olive oil Casa Santoña



The exquisite flavor of the best tuna is enhanced by the olive oil that gives it whiteness and sweetness. All the flavor and benefits of the Mediterranean diet in this product will undoubtedly become a Casa Santoña classic. It is ideal for preparing snacks, starters and salads.

The tuna in olive oil from Casa Santoña is caught, one by one, in the waters of the Bay of Biscay during the summer coastal fishing in the traditional way. Its intense sea flavor, its clear meat and its properties have undoubtedly made it the king of tuna. Once the best specimens have been selected and the cooking process has been completed, the fish is prepared and packaged using traditional techniques. We have managed to achieve an exceptional appearance and flavor, with tasty and appetizing white meat. 

Product from Spain.